‘There hasn’t been accountability’: Police, neighbors say Friday’s east side shooting was near miss

MADISON, Wis. – Two men are in the hospital following a shooting on the 2800 block of Commercial Ave in Madison Friday afternoon.

The shooting, which involved two cars, left an SUV in the side of Paul Villanuevas house.

“At first, I thought it was a bunch of gunshots, so what I did was dove towards my son to protect him,” the 20-year Navy veteran said. “I didn’t know what it was. We’ve been having gunshots here lately. That’s when I saw the car come in, that’s when I knew it was a crash.”

Villanueva says that’s when three men, two of them wounded, ran from the car and into a neighbor’s yard.

“I wanted to stop him,” he said.

Police say they’re now searching for a dark colored sedan involved in the shooting.

“It’s very dangerous right now,” said Lt. Jason Ostrenga. “A lot of our resources are being allocated to other areas of the city that aren’t going directly after people that we know that are doing violence.”

Ostrenga says the residential shooting could have been fatal, even for a bystander.

“There’s a park around the corner,” he said.  “There’s three bikes right here. There’s no school. Very easily this could have been you or I or someone we know.”

“I always hear gunshots around here, so I wasn’t scared or anything. The crash was what concerned me,” said 14-year-old Kyla Villanueva, who was home at the time of the shooting.

“For a kid to be used to a gunshot, that shouldn’t be the world we live in and grow up in,” said her father Paul Villanueva.

“Tomorrow we’re celebrating an 11-year-old girl that died that wasn’t an intended victim,” said Ostrenga.  “Two weeks ago a nine-year-old was shot. In the month of July, 22 people were shot just in the east district. 90 cars were stolen in one month through the city. I would say, some of our police resources need to go to police work.”