The ways your scale lies

Those numbers on the scale are not the whole truth.
person laying in a scanner

Those numbers on the scale are not the whole truth. But science-backed technology is available that provides real insight into our bodies to better help us reach our health and fitness goals. By taking advantage of tests that are medical-grade, we can get a better grasp of our weight, fitness and overall health.

The Dexa Body Composition scan determines how much lean mass, fat mass (including visceral fat) and bone mass is in our bodies. “Clients will look at the scale and get discouraged by only losing 1 pound,” says Jessica Kuchnia, operations manager of DexaFit. “But really they have lost 3 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle mass.”

RMR test
There is no one-size-fits-all formula for how many calories each person burns. The Resting Metabolic Rate Test shows exactly how many calories you need just to function, how fast your metabolism is and whether your body burns more sugar or fat.

If you want to work out smarter and not harder, the Vo2 Max Test pinpoints your exact cardio fitness level. By measuring heart rate, you can exercise more effectively, burn more fat and train with less fatigue, soreness and fewer injuries.

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