The UPS Store staff say 750 million packages to be sent through UPS alone this holiday season

Many people are experiencing a delay in packages due to the high volume of online sales so far this holiday season.

Dylan Lund, who is The UPS Store manager in Middleton, said over the past three years he’s worked at his location, this year there are “absolutely insane amounts of packages going through the system right now.”

Lund said UPS expects more than 750 million packages to be delivered through their service alone this year.

Lund said that comes out to “anywhere from 25 million to 30 million packages a day.”

Lund attributes that high number in part to online shopping gaining popularity every year.

“With Amazon getting bigger and bigger, we are getting more and more packages coming through,” he said. “There’s more going on this year than there was last year at this same exact time.”

He said he also attributes that in part to the fact that the holiday season is busier in general, and postal workers everywhere are experiencing a high volume of packages to process.

“It’s no secret that Black Friday and Cyber Monday definitely play a big role in a lot of the shipments and a lot of the volume that comes through our system here,” Lund said. “We’ve already started to see a lot of that stuff coming back and us sending it all back to Amazon.”

Lund said it’s common to see postal workers working longer days to try to get everything done. But, he said, even by starting earlier and ending later, some packages are still going to be delivered late.

“We are going to get everything in the system to the best of our ability but trucks only have so much space,” he said. “There’s only so much real estate within those trucks to be able to actually send everything through.”

Lund said since the wait time for packages may be slightly delayed this season, he suggests people require signatures on all packages to ensure that once the package gets to its destination, it isn’t stolen by porch pirates.

“Nationwide, you’re talking about 1.7 million packages per day during the season that are going to end up missing,” he said. “You can spend all the money in the world to get it there as fast as possible, but if somebody else takes it, it was all for nothing.”

Lund said The UPS Store also rents out mailboxes so people can have their package delivered there and know that it’s in a safe location until they can come pick it up. The UPS Store will notify customers when their package is ready to pick up.

Lund anticipates a busy season for all postal delivery services nationwide through mid-January, when people will be sending more packages to return items.

“It goes like this and then it just ramps up. It gets more and more and more,” Lund said.

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