The trick to getting perfect poutine

Local restaurants serve a staple comfort food...
The trick to getting perfect poutine
a pig in a fur coat.

How is it possible that it took so long for us to adopt poutine, a staple comfort food of our northern neighbor featuring crisp and tender fries, squeaky cheese curds and savory gravy? Though a seemingly simple dish, getting each part right is the key to great poutine. Here are some places that do:

a pig in a fur coat
The famous duck fat fries are elevated in a poutine with foie gras and sublime gravy.

Next Door Brewing Company
Locally made Muenster cheese curds over house-cut fries slathered with a sage-infused gravy is perfect with your happy hour beer.

Mad City Frites
Thick-cut Belgian fries doused with a homemade gravy and fresh curds fills all your post-party poutine needs.

The very tasty Vladimir Poutine features HopCat’s signature crack fries topped with potato and cheese pierogis, curds, stout caramelized onions and cherry-smoked bacon, smothered with a sour cream gravy.

Vintage Brewing Company
Vintage smothers crisp fries in beef gravy made with stout beer topped with Cedar Grove cheese curds.

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