‘The toughest part is a life cut short:’ Remembering 11-year-old Carolanah Schenk

FITCHBURG, Wis.– Friends and family of 11-year-old Carolanah Schenk gathered at Forest Edge Elementary for a remembrance ceremony in her honor.

Almost three weeks after Schenk’s parents said she was accidentally shot and killed by her 15-year-old brother, those who knew the young girl best lit candles, shared stories and vowed to never forget.

“We’re never gonna forget Carolanah,” said Schenk’s grandmother Carol Pedretti. “She’s is–was a very special little girl and we’re just gonna take it a day at a time one step at a time and just never forget her and always remember how much she meant to all of us.”

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Pedretti said though the family is saddened by the tragic loss they felt it was important the young girl be celebrated and that the loss was made easier with community’s support.

“The toughest part is a life cut short at only 11-years-old,” Pedretti said. “Tragically, accidentally I mean it was just–it’s–I think we’re all still reeling and trying to go on wondering what are life would be like without her,”

Anna Larson organized the ceremony because she wanted to help both Schenk’s family and the kids at Forest Edge who knew her through a difficult time.

“A lot of times these days you don’t know if your neighbors really care,” Larson said. “I think this is really gonna show the family and the friends of the family and all the kids affected that they’re loved and supported.”