The stunning stats on the nor’easter that could morph into a bomb cyclone

Here we go again. Another wicked nor-easter — which could morph into a “bomb cyclone” — wracks the Northeast. Check out some of the eye-popping stats from this monster winter storm.

— About 1 in 4 Americans will feel the effects from this storm. Some 80 million people are in the storm’s path along the East coast, and they’ll suffer through high winds — exceeding 50 mph in some cases — flooding and snowfall.

— This particular storm will be a powerful one. A nor’easter is considered a bomb cyclone when it drops 24 millibars in 24 hours. This one is expected to drop at 35 mb in 24 hours. What are millibars? It’s a pressure measurement that tells the strength of the storm. Just remember that the lower the storm’s pressure the stronger storm it is.

— Massachusetts emergency officials said tides will be astronomically high in the next few days. Boston Harbor has only seen a tide level of 15 feet on two other occasions in nearly 100 years. One in the blizzard of 1978, and one with January’s bomb cyclone storm back in January. It could happen three times alone with this storm!

— This nor-easter’s cold front stretches all the way southward to central Mexico, a distance of more than 2,500 miles.

— It’s not just the East Coast that’s getting hammered. The West Coast is getting hit too. Tens of thousands of people in Southern California have evacuated, getting out ahead of a storm that’s feared to be bringing flash flooding and possible mudslides. Meanwhile four to six feet of snow is expected in Northern California’s mountains.