The Spam Report: Day #5: The “You Share a Name with a Dead Guy” Scam

The Spam Report: Day #5: The “You Share a Name with a Dead Guy” Scam
News 3 Investigative Reporter Adam Schrager

Today, we’re debuting our favorite viewer-submitted scam emails.

This one comes from Lyle in Mt. Horeb. I’ve changed his last name below as well as his email address so as not to open him up to even more spam in the future, but otherwise, what he was recently sent below is what came to his email last month.

I give the sender points for creativity here, but whenever someone tells you that someone with your last name and his whole family died in a car accident in an African nation and they can’t find a next-of-kin, so they’re turning to you to collect and split his $3.5 million estate… I’m sorry to say, but that’s not true.

Please don’t fall for this. Thanks Lyle for helping educate folks.

——– Original Message ——– Subject:  Lyle (Johnson)
Date:  Mon, 9 Sep 2013 05:33:33 -0700
From:  John Njie
To:  lyle(xxxxx)

 Attn:Lyle   (Johnson)

    My name is John Njie an accountant to late Engineer Edward (Johnson) a native of your country who was involved in car accident with his family. The entire family lost there lives and several attempts to locate any extended relative proved unsuccessful.   There is no relative to claim the fund as next of kin and according to Republic of Gambia financial policy,  If the fund (US$3,500,000) is unclaimed for a period of 5 years, the account will be confiscated by federal auditors.

   Bearing same surname with the deceased will allow you to stand as beneficiary with my help as a staff of the bank. This fund will be a big blessing from God to us and our families.  I will send documents and application to start the processing and released of US$3,500,000 to you as legal beneficiary.

    The fund will be transferred directly to you as beneficiary,50% of fund is for your assistance in processing and securing the fund, while 50% for me.   I am an accountant and a staff of this bank, I require your understanding and cooperation to complete this transaction through a legitimate and standard procedure.looking forward to hearing from you soon

John Njie
DISCLAIMER: This e-mail is confidential and intended only for the above-listed recipient(s). If you are not the intended recipient, please do not read,rely upon, save, copy, print or retransmit this e-mail.  Instead, please permanently delete the e-mail from your computer system. Any unauthorized use of this e-mail and/or any attachment are strictly prohibited.