The Spam Report: Day #3: “Winning Information”

So, this morning I turned on my computer and in the time from when I checked my email after I parked my car to when I got to my desk, I found out I won the lottery.

I immediately went into my boss’s office and quit. Then, I called my wife and told her to book the trip to Hawaii. I got the kids out of school and said after our vacation, we were going to fulfill my lifelong dream to live on a houseboat and travel the Mississippi River reliving the tales Mark Twain once told.

It was a joyous few moments until I realized I had not really won the lottery. In fact, I couldn’t even figure out what lottery it was. The “Bonolotto” is that like winning a chance to hang out with U2 and play with The Edge at Red Rocks?

Lottery scams are among the most common on line these days. Bottom line, if you’re hearing you won an overseas lottery from an email, I’m sorry to tell you but you didn’t win.

Maybe my boss will take me back 🙂

Please don’t fall for this.

Sent: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 8:15 AM
To: Adam Schrager

Todays result.  
 A B C D E E G H I J K  
0 x – x – x – x – x – x 6
1 – x – x – x – x – x – 1
2 x – x – x – x – x – x  
3 – x  x  x  x 7 x  4
4 x – x – x – x – x – x  
5  x 2 x  x  x  x   
6 x – x – x – x – x – x 3/2
7 – x – x – x – x – x –  
8 x – x – x – x – x – x  
9 – x – x – x – x – x – 7
   2      7    
 Winning number: 7-4-3-1-6-3 = 2-7
CONGRATULATION!! We are glad to inform you that your email has WON the E-JACKPOT AWARD!!!. Your email tag to our today draws on the above winning JOKER point and has won the BONOLOTO AWARD of €1.725,000.00 from the 2013 E-JACKPOT program. SPAIN.
Please check your result on our corporate office by providing us the below information.
Name (In full):
Contact numbers:
Contact Claims
Calle San Vicente de Paul Nº 1
EOD 50.00, 28043 Madrid Spain
Tel: 0034 632 86 4973
Loterias y Appuestas
del Estado
The BONOLOTO is the exclusive distributor of lottery products via the Internet on behalf of leading SPANISH lottery exporters, BTS “Bonoloto Spain” Global Services and BTS “Bonoloto Spain” New South Wales. This is a bonus to promote lottery in Spain and the E-JACKPOT JOKER POWER is a free Emaill Lottery Draws fully based on an electronic selection of winners using their e-mail addresses from a world micro-soft database site operating in excess of over 35 years, BTS “Bonoloto Spain” has serviced more than 900,000 customers in over 50 countries to date. BTS “Bonoloto Spain” distributes lottery products worldwide via mail-order, as a direct lottery service partner for a number of Europe, America, Africa, Asian and South Pacific nations and its industry leading TMS Global Services and operates under strict government supervision and is an accredited sales agent of the following Spanish lottery operators.

All right reserved by the bonoloto commission, if you had received this message by an error, please ignore or contact us at reference clarification. Sign office management bonoloto spain.