The Spam Report: Day #243: Print your airline tickets

I present to you today another example of how we can fight back against the spam/scam out there. Every day, I’m heartened to hear of another consumer who took the step to verify, to check something out, so as not to be scammed.

Thanks to Mary Lou R. who sent this in today.

I’ll simply quote her and allow her to debunk this for you.

“This was received in our email account today. We called Southwest Airlines and they informed us this was “spam”.

We feared that someone had used our credit card to purchase airline tickets.

You will notice, though, when you scroll down…some sort of a rant.

Really enjoy your consumer protection segments!


Mary Lou took control and did not allow herself to be victimized. We can all learn a lesson from that when it comes to spam/scam… and I will say, the rant below that she mentioned, which might be part of a different spam/scam email, is kind of funny while having nothing at all to do with Southwest Airlines.

Remember, we never click on emailed links from people we don’t know. That can only lead to problems.

Take care and just hit delete.


From: “Flight change”
Date: November 5, 2014 at 10:51:43 AM CST
Subject: Print your Southwest airline tickets here

Boarding Time Update FOR Mary Lou R.

Your trip itinerary has changed and needs your confirmation

///////////// Wednesday, November 5, 2014 /////////////


Please confirm changes to your boarding time for Locator # 308503679-XSWE2


Your itinerary is as follows:

Traveler 1                Mlreisch
Airline Ticket Number:            308503679 – Electronic
Seat preference:            Any Seat
Meal (if available):            Standard
Requests for disabled travelers:    Notice to airline of the ticket number

Second passenger info needs to be inputted here:


Here is your checklist for travel – confirm you’ve done all the steps:

Happy Holidays,
Betsy F.
SW Agent

You can not be a part of/this when seeing//
RewardZone USA P.O. Box 461

Also can travel to//

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Moments later, as music played, Dottie Coven danced down the aisle in her white wedding dress and veil to marry Keith Stewart.

“A lot of things around flying tend to not be fun,” she said. “Let’s make it fun again!”

“We are gathered here today – whether you intended to or not – to celebrate the wedding of Dottie Coven and Keith Stewart,” said the officiant.

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