The Spam Report: Day #149: “Job offer”

The Spam Report: Day #149: “Job offer”
Gary Cannalte

If you turn on your television in the near future and don’t see my colleague, Gary Cannalte, here’s why. Apparently, “gcannalte” as he’s known to the sender “Your Google Position” is being offered a $75 an hour gig. All he has to do is click on the link.

As you know, we don’t click on links from people we don’t know. I did ask Gary if he’d reconsider if the job were to play for his and my beloved Chicago Cubs (I recommended left field as the team’s received little from that position so far this season) and his response was “then I would know for sure that it was spam.”

No one is approaching you out of the blue offering you $75 an hour to work at home “for one of the best companies int he world” (notice the typo) with no further details provided. Not going to happen.

As my son Clark (yes, named in part after Clark Street where you find Wrigley Field) would say, “Just don’t fall for that.” I’m working with him to say please, but you get the drift.


I’m off work tomorrow and Monday, but will be back on Tuesday for Day #150 of The Spam Report.


From: Your Google Position []
Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2014 5:02 PM
To: Gary Cannalte
Subject: Job offer from Google for: gcannalte ($75.00 dollar an hour)

Just for you gcannalte for this position

Your New Job Opening Offered At Google
We need you to fill this position immediately

For: gcannalte
Opening ID: H-773099395
Response Needed By: Friday

These are the details regarding the position


This is the BEST career opportunity of your life.

Work for one of the best companies int he world from the comfort of home.

7 other candidates are up for the position – so we must hear from you today


Anthony James
Coordinator of Hiring