The show will go on: ‘International Fest’ returns to Madison Feb. 27- March 4

Madison arts venues plan for post-pandemic world

MADISON, Wis.– When the curtains closed inside the Overture Center Thursday, March 12th, 2020, no one knew how long it would last.

‘It’ was the day Broadway went dark. At the time, Wicked was in town, just a couple days into its three-week run.

At first, the Overture’s staff canceled two performances, before calling off the musical’s entire run, and eventually, the remainder of its 2020 season.

Saturdays at the Center are typically especially busy: families enjoy the popular ‘Kids in the Rotunda’ series by day, and couples take in a show at night. While COVID has suspended most arts programming, the show will go on for the first time in awhile this weekend.

The annual International Fest is back, as a city-wide celebration of countries, cultures, and coming together (although that last part will have to happen at home, for now.)

“Right now, I think we’re all learning during the pandemic just how important our family traditions are to all of us,” said Alanna Meadearis, the Overture’s Director of Education and Community Programming.

Starting Feb. 27, families will be able to stream hundreds of cooking demos, musical performances, and more, showcasing the traditions of people from more than 50 different countries who call Dane County home.

Click here to register to International Fest for free.

“One of the things we’re finding during all of this is the arts is where so many people turn for comfort and for expression,” said Meadearis.

“We have been on intermission and we’re still technically in intermission, but that doesn’t mean our work has stopped.”

Last month, the Overture announced its plans for the 2021-22 Broadway season. Click here to learn more.