The power of accountability

The culture at Orange Shoe, she says, is one of accountability.
two people working out together
Orange Shoe Personal Fitness

Katie Michel is a mother of four, a personal trainer and the CEO of Orange Shoe Personal Fitness Franchising, which has six locally owned locations right here in Dane County, and yet she still finds time to work out a minimum of three days per week.

The culture at Orange Shoe, she says, is one of accountability. Clients work with a trainer, always. You cannot walk into the gym without an appointment. Your trainer is ready for you with a plan that will keep you consistently working out at least two days a week.

“Having a gym membership but never going to the gym makes it hard to stay healthy and make lasting change,” Michel says. “We don’t want people to waste their money if they’re not going to see the results they want.”

Even as a fitness professional, Michel has constant distractions and reasons not to go to the gym — like the demands she faces as a business owner and her twin 7-year-old boys. But the weekly appointments with a personal trainer keep her showing up.someone working out in one of the machines

Orange Shoe is also what Michel calls anti-contract. The certified trainers want to help you achieve your fitness goals, not force a monthly payment obligation.

“We are a month-to-month facility,” Michel says. “We believe in what we do. Your results, not a contract, are what will keep you coming.”

Michel started as a personal trainer at the Orange Shoe Personal Fitness Fitchburg location and within 18 months she owned her own facility.

The results she saw in her clients and the culture of the organization are what keeps her going. And it’s what continues to inspire her as she facilitates the growth of the company.

The team of personal trainers at Orange Shoe are not drill sergeants; they’re fitness professionals, passionate and knowledgeable, who create customized workouts and make you “the best version of yourself,” Michel at orange shoe personal fitness

“If you are consistent and you partner with the team and community at Orange Shoe, you will achieve high levels of success,” Michel says.

The expense of poor fitness
The number one question clients ask the team at Orange Shoe Personal Fitness, is, “How am I going to afford a personal trainer?” There are options for everyone, Katie Michel, owner of Orange Shoe, assures. If you’d like one-on-one training, sessions start at $45 each. But small-group classes are available for less than $200 per month. That’s less than a night out, she says. “And how expensive is not being healthy?”

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