The Next Step

ust because you love something when you’re young doesn’t mean you have to give it up as you get older.

I’ve always loved to dance.

It isn’t something I’ve studied or have a professional background in. It’s more just something I enjoy and I think other people do, too!

I run a marketing firm and used to sign up for dance classes that meant a several week commitment. But I’d often miss a class and feel like I was out of sync with the lessons. I decided I probably wasn’t the only one in this situation and recently started Dance Fabulous in downtown Madison.

The whole concept behind it is for people who love to dance to come together. Some might be great, others not so great. It doesn’t matter. You just love to do it and you can feel comfortable here regardless of your skill level. We offer different dances every week so you’ll never get behind—it’s a chance to get some exercise and be social in a very stress-free environment.

We’re offering a wide variety of dances—hip-hop, belly dancing, Irish dance, Top Forty. We also have “Dance, Dance, Party, Party” every Sunday night. The concept started in New York City—opening up a safe place for just women to dance and feel comfortable doing it.

I’m happiest right now seeing the people who come to Dance Fabulous and get it. This is just supposed to be a fun place to dance. People who come here really embrace the principle. I truly think we’re filling a need in the Madison area.

Teri Barr is an anchor for “News 3 at 9” on MyMadisonTV Channel 14, and “News 3 at 10” on WISC-TV.