The Madison Magazine Digital Edition

The Madison Magazine Digital Edition

Madison Magazine’s digital edition can be found on the Apple Newsstand, in the Google Play Store and on the Amazon App Store!

The digital edition features an enhanced version of the same great content currently found in the magazine. Subscribers will gain immediate access to interactive and exclusive stories as well as advertising, behind-the-scenes videos, extra photos and bonus features.

Head to the App Store on your tablet device and search “Madison Magazine” or click the link below and preview any of our issues!

Click here to subscribe to the digital edition through Madison Magazine!

If you have already subscribed to the digital edition through Madison Magazine, please follow these steps to gain access in the App Store.

1.) Go into the Newsstand on your tablet device (click the link above if you are already on your tablet)

2.) Search ‘Madison Magazine’ in the search section of the Newsstand and download the Madison Magazine App

3.) Once the app is downloaded, please select “sign in”

4.) Enter your email address in “username” box and your password in the “password” box

5.) Sign in and enjoy!

If you have any questions about the tablet edition, please email If you have trouble logging in, please email