The M List 2017: Health Innovation

The M List 2017: Health Innovation
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While major cities across the country have built reputations as leaders in the health care market, the Madison area has positioned itself as an emerging center for health innovation. Smaller, yes, but the hub of activity is arguably as robust as other rising markets including Austin, Texas, Salt Lake City and Seattle. Wisconsin’s capital city and surrounding region are home to a network of businesses and organizations, including Epic Systems–the industry leader in electronic health records–plus three major hospitals, multiple insurers, numerous health-tech startups, a strong manufacturing base and a world-class university known for its groundbreaking research and its continued studies in health science.

This year’s M List recognizes leaders and trailblazers of 30 dynamic companies and organizations on the leading edge of health innovation in the Madison area. Ranging from health-tech startups to service organizations, these M List honorees contribute to the region’s thriving health care ecosystem. In addition, Madison Magazine is recognizing nine industry giants as “Titans,” as well as four noteworthy projects and organizations that are “Ones to Watch.” This is the fifth year of this prestigious list, and each year the focus has changed. Previous years have honored professionals in the areas of technology/biotech, food, social innovation and education/mentorship.

While Madison Magazine considers the local region to be the next hub of health innovation, some of this year’s M List recipients say the city is already there, and a majority of them say it’s definitely on its way. Along those lines, Travis Good, CEO and chief privacy officer of Datica, says, “Madison’s potential as a nationally recognized health care hub for innovation is bright. When you highlight all that Madison has to offer–a city steeped in culture, filled with a vast array of recreational opportunities, ready talent from a top-notch research university–you have the platform to build something technically superior.”

Zach Brandon, president of the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, also sees great potential locally. He says that through the HealthTech Capitol initiative, the chamber is working to establish the region as a global leader. “With our combination of industry strength, talent pipeline and entrepreneurial spirit, the right ingredients are in place here to build and grow transformative businesses focused on solving some of health care’s biggest challenges,” Brandon says.

Certainly Madison is punching outside of its weight-class in terms of creativity in the health industry. And we’ve got the proof in this year’s M List.

M-List Winners at a Glance

Allergy Amulet Inc.
Abigail Barnes

Anesis Center for Marriage and Family Therapy
Myra McNair

Katie Brenner

Carex Consulting Group
Rachel Neill

Center for Healthy Minds, UW-Madison
Richard J. Davidson

Joe Reinardy

Chefs for Seniors
Nathan Allman

CleMetric Data Analytics
Gergens Jean Polynice

Travis Good

Dock Technologies
Sarah Sandock

DotCom Therapy
Emily Purdom and Rachel Robinson

Forward Health Group
Michael Barbouche

The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness
Lisa Peyton-Caire

Jonathan Baran

Imbed Biosciences
Jeff Dalsin

Patrick Walters and Kreg Gruben

Dave Grandin

Wes Garnett

Lynx Biosciences (LynxBio)
Chorom Pak

More Smiles Wisconsin
Curtis Henderson

Moxe Health
Dan Wilson

Native American Center for Health Professions, UW-Madison
Danielle Yancey

Rebalanced-Life Wellness Association
Aaron Perry

Nordic Consulting Partners
Vivek Swaminathan

Propeller Health
David Van Sickle

QuHarrison Terry

Safe Communities
Cheryl Wittke

Wellbe Inc.
James Dias

Wicab Inc.
Robert Beckman

ACHC Wingra Family Medical Center, UW-Madison Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
Patricia Tellez-Girón

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