The M List 2016: Janetta Pegues

Serving the community
The M List 2016: Janetta Pegues

Janetta Pegues learned how to get things done in the far west Chicago neighborhood where she spent 27 years. As the first black library manager in the Madison Public Library’s 141-year history, Pegues continues to serve people in her community.

Since 2014, Pegues has worked at the Goodman South Library, which serves a diverse population. She considers her hiring a positive step toward seeing more managers of color employed within the local library system.

Before relocating to Madison, Pegues was a single mother who took steps to improve living conditions in Chicago’s Austin community. She was a community organizer, a local school council member and served in various unpaid positions, such as founder and president of the Central-Race Block Club.

But after working four years in the Chicago Public Library system, she wanted more and found opportunity in Madison–first at campus libraries at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she earned a library and information studies degree in 2014. Her strong history of community involvement helped her land the job at Goodman, she says, where she’s glad to serve the surrounding neighborhoods.

The M List

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