The M List 2016: Jan Moen

Building connections
The M List 2016: Jan Moen

“I was born a connector,” says Jan Moen, cofounder of Madcelerator, which provides early-stage businesses and entrepreneurs with advisory services. Moen’s gift for connecting is one attribute that makes her a strong mentor. She has spent her entire professional career in Madison, so her networking connections run deep here. As a mentor, one of her first questions is: What do they need? The answer helps make the connections that will support the mentee’s success.

Moen says mentoring is gratifying work. “It’s very rewarding to see the tangible fruits when you can help somebody.” She says a good mentor is someone who asks relevant questions, is a good listener, shares a passion for the work and expects to grow.

Moen grew up on a family farm in southwest Wisconsin and lives by the Methodist exhortation to “do all the good that you can.” To that end, in 2015 she mentored a group to the Top 12 and final round of the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan contest.

The M List

Madison Magazine’s M List is a who’s who of organizations and individuals who are having an impact on our local culture and economy. In its fourth year, the M List recognizes those making strides as mentors and teachers. Last year’s list of honorees were making impacts in the area of social innovation. The original M List, in 2013, honored the technology sector. The 2014 M List honored “Foodtastic” entrepreneurs and innovators.

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