The M List 2016: James Rubin

Family legacy
The M List 2016: James Rubin

James Rubin didn’t have to look far for a role model on making a difference in young people’s lives. His father, Peter Rubin, while battling terminal cancer 21 years ago, requested that a program be established to help reward low-income youth who were achieving despite challenging circumstances.

What was born was Rubin for Kids, a nonprofit that distributes about $65,000 a year in grants to local youth for educational purposes–up to $250 for achievement grants and $1,000 scholarships to Madison College. Of the 52 nominations this year for the Madison College awards, Rubin for Kids gave out 16 scholarships. In addition, 152 small acheivement awards were granted.

“There’s still more work to be done,” says James Rubin, president of Rubin for Kids. “This is for kids that just need a chance.”

The achievement grants are awarded to help students pay for youth camps, books, dance classes, art lessons, driver education and other similar costs. The award recipients are approved by the board, which is comprised of volunteers (as is the entire organization).

The $1,000 scholarships aim to help students whose families would not otherwise be able to afford such services. “This is for those with challenging circumstances, usually from one-parent families,” Rubin says. “They need it the most.”

The M List

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