‘The guys with guns are just getting braver’: Woman wakes up to bullet-riddled apartment on Madison’s west side

MADISON, Wis. — Wooden boards were up where Pamela Woodward’s patio door should be Monday, roughly a week after she and her dogs ducked for cover in her apartment on the corner of Raymond Road and McKenna Boulevard late Wednesday night.  

“Ten minutes after I went to bed, I heard 10 gunshots,” Woodward said. “So, I grabbed my dog and curled out of bed and looked out through my bedroom window. I couldn’t see or hear anything.”

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According to the Madison Police Department, they had responded to shots-fired reports in the same apartment complex but on Brittany Place. They found no damage or shell casings.  

bullet hole

One bullet hit the wall just behind the couch. Photo: Pamela Woodward.

But Thursday morning, Woodward saw where some of those bullets ended up — all over her living room.

“You know how you see something and your brain can’t quite comprehend what you’re seeing?” she said.  

Bullets riddled her planters outside, a few spots on her wall, a coffee table, and even her couch – where she was just 10 minutes before.

“I’m just grateful that that voice in my head told me to go to bed early,” she said, showing where she was sitting moments before.

“I wouldn’t be here talking to you ’cause it’s right, the hole was right where my head was and that’s hard to comprehend,” Woodward said. “I’m too young to go, I have a 5-year-old granddaughter I want to stick around for.”

Woodward called the police, who spent the next seven hours combing through her apartment — and piles of glass shards — for evidence.  

The damaged Amish coffee table opened up for storage. “The cops went inside and dug out the bullet,” Woodward said.

She picked up an heirloom box resting on top. “That got a bullet too.” 

“Some of these people were messaging saying, ‘Oh, you’ve got, the police station is right across the street,” she said, “I guess the guys with guns are just getting braver.” 

shattered patio window

The patio door was completely blown out by the gunshots. Photo: Pamela Woodward.

In the week since, Woodward has been staying at a hotel thanks to insurance that ran out Monday.  

Then she said she could only afford to stay at a hotel for one more week.

“The landlord said that the door should be replaced by Friday, if it’s not, I don’t know,” she said.

But even after her place is fixed, she’s not planning to stay in the neighborhood much longer.  

“This part of Madison has been getting worse. I hear gunshots often enough,” Woodward said. “We should all be able to comfortably be in our homes and not afraid that a gunshot’s going to come through the window and kill you.”  

Still, she’s thankful to come out of this incident alive.  

“I don’t know what to think about it, I’m just glad I’m here because I’m not ready to go yet,” she said, looking at one of her dachshunds. “Isn’t that right Molly Sue, who would take care of you?”