The Faces of Local Madison Family Business: Novanta and Crazy Lenny’s E Bikes

The Faces of Madison 2020
The Faces of Local MadisonNovanta and Crazy Lenny’s E Bikes

Meet local Madison business owners Len Mattioli, aka “Crazy TV Lenny,” and his son Nick Mattioli.

Len Mattioli, 77, best known for his American TV ads in the ’80s, still carries on his exuberant ways at his electric bicycle business, Crazy Lenny’s E-Bikes, which he opened in 2011.

Len Mattioli’s “MAD-ness for MAD-ison business” was certainly passed on to his son Nick Mattioli, who founded the local mom-and-pop Neapolitan pizza company Novanta in 2013 when he was just 23. Nick and his wife, Emma, opened their second Novanta location on University Avenue in October 2019.

“My memories are filled with watching my father be a shoot-from-the-hip businessman,” Nick Mattioli says. “He ran his ship his way, outside the box. It was the only way to make sure his business was what Madison needed. It is what allowed him to provide so many jobs. He was one of the many things that made Madison special. I wanted to do my own thing but could never imagine a career that wasn’t following the ‘Crazy TV Lenny’ recipe.”

Novanta, 8452 Old Sauk Rd., Middleton, 608.831.7740, 2903 University Ave., Madison, 608.498.4995,

Crazy Lenny’s Ebikes, 6017 Odana Rd., Madison, 608.276.5921,

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