The Faces of Health and Wellness: The Healthy Place

The Faces of Madison 2020
The Healthy Place

Tim O’Brien’s natural health journey began with his mom, who discovered natural healing alternatives after she battled cancer with chemo and radiation treatments.

O’Brien and his wife, co-owner and creative director Becki O’Brien, co-founded The Healthy Place (formerly Apple Wellness) in 2010. Tim gives Becki full credit for inspiring their new name: “We want to help people find their healthy place,” he says.

“Our mission is to impact, empower and educate every customer so they can learn, grow and create a lifelong foundation of health and wellness.”

Customers with a range of needs shop at The Healthy Place’s four Dane County locations, which sell everything from adrenal support to zinc supplements. Some people pop in just to purchase protein powder.

Others are looking for expertise to improve their quality of life or explore alternative ways to manage serious health conditions such as chronic pain, heart disease, anxiety, depression or dementia.

Becki and Tim developed an extensive educational program for staff that includes a three-month training for new hires and ongoing weekly education for everyone. Wellness consultants excitedly exchange information, creating an ever-expanding knowledge base they can pass along to customers.

“We can’t diagnose you or try to replace your doctor,” Becki explains. “But we can share our recommendations based on the issues you face. Our top priority is to be an educational resource for anyone who comes in. You can change your life with what you learn here.”

Consultants hear from as many as a dozen customers every day who switched from prescription medications like opioids and sleep aids to natural alternatives, for example.

First-time customers are sometimes hesitant to drop in and talk about personal health matters. The O’Briens invite everyone to stop by and ask some questions. If meeting face-to-face isn’t ideal, The Healthy Place offers a safe space to chat live with wellness consultants online or over the phone.

“Everyone has a different healthy place,” Tim says. “We welcome you wherever you’re at in your health journey.”

Fitchburg, Madison, Middleton, and Sun Prairie,

The Healthy Place offers contact-free options for customers, including same-day delivery, free shipping and live chat support online.

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