The Faces of Chiropractic Care: LSM Chiropractic

The Faces of Madison 2020
LSM Chiropractic
Front row: Dr. Todd Tesch, Dr. Brett Hoeft and Dr. Jason Mackey Back row: Dr. Nathan Considine, Dr. Eugene Yellen-Shiring and Dr. Jeffrey Horkan

With 16 clinics and 31 doctors, LSM Chiropractic is the largest independently owned chiropractic group in Wisconsin.

“We have grown because we continue to stay focused on what chiropractic is based upon: manual spinal correction to restore health and function,” says Dr. Nathan Considine, president of LSM Chiropractic. “Here at LSM we concentrate on using the core techniques taught by the best chiropractic colleges in the world.”

With such a successful practice, the doctors at LSM do not feel pressure to be everything to everyone. LSM’s doctors do not hesitate to refer patients to practitioners of other specialties. They only see people who may benefit from chiropractic care.

“We were even invited to open a clinic inside Dean’s outpatient center because they know we are trying to do what’s best for the patient, whether it’s a medical intervention or a chiropractic intervention,” Dr. Considine says.

The group will continue to grow and serve their patients with the same passion that LSM was founded on in 1953.


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