The Faces of Architecture: KONTEXT Architects

The Faces of Madison 2020
KONTEXT Architects

With the focus on community, KONTEXT Architects founder Kelly Thompson believes taking time to develop relationships with clients — and giving them honest feedback, even if it hurts the bottom line — is something no other architectural firms in the greater Madison area are willing to do. And Thompson’s been doing it for more 30 years.

“Fundamentally we feel that our best projects, the best design work with the most success, is born out of an inherent trust between all team players,” Thompson said. “We value that trust far more than accolades.” An open dialogue with project transparency is why a majority of clients regularly return to partner with KONTEXT.

Thompson and his six-member team are also known for their ability to navigate the complexities of city of Madison zoning, and for working with both public and private clients.

“We want to see our clients succeed in their profession and in their business,” Thompson said. “That comes above our desire to generate revenue off a project.”

242 E Main St, Sun Prairie, 608.825.0094,

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