The Face of Professional Pet Care and Dog Behavioral Training: Take Paws

The Faces of Madison 2020
Take Paws

Take Paws specializes in professional dog behavioral training, one-of-a-kind dog walks, friendly cat visits and in-home dog boarding, and it sets itself apart from other pet care providers by pairing each client with a dedicated walker and pet care professional.

“Take Paws believes in building trust with clients as well as their pets,” said owner Scott Rudolph. “It is especially important to build trust with dogs so they know who is coming into their territory. We build trust with the clients through great communication and updates after each visit.”

Take Paws is the only Madison pet care business with a professional dog behaviorist. Rudolph has more than 15 years of professional experience bringing balance to dog-friendly homes.

“I personally train and work with the Take Paws team to help develop and improve our dog skills to better establish the trust needed for proper dog and pet care,” Rudolph said. “Take Paws can be relied on to make sure each client’s pet is cared for in the same manner they care for their own furry family member.”


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