The Face of Holistic Health: Life Center of Wisconsin

The Faces of Madison 2020
Life Center of Wisconsin

Life Center of Wisconsin is a wellness center that specializes in holistic therapies specifically designed to bring the body back into optimal health.

A unique application of frequency, vibration, sound and light triggers the autonomic nervous system to turn off the stress response, (taking the body out of the “fight or flight” and into “rest and digest”). This process allows the body to begin to heal itself regardless of the nature of the affliction. Through this process, clients have the opportunity to experience a paradigm shift in healing.

The founder of Life Center of Wisconsin, Liza Abitz believes that, “Everything is energy, and we work with the energy of each person to support and allow the body to heal naturally.”

Each personalized session opens the flow of energy pathways that have been slowed or stuck.

The therapies at Life Center work on a cellular level, allowing emotional, mental, spiritual and physical releases to occur.

“We specialize in seeing individuals who experience high anxiety and the illnesses associated with chronic stress. We have also seen great success with post surgical healing and recovery.”

“Our mission is to help clients experience the value of self care, evolving from surviving into thriving,” Abitz said.

Life Center offers personal and corporate wellness memberships.

610 Junction Rd., Suite 213, Madison, 608.841.2244,

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