The Face of Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentistry: Oak Park Dental

The Faces of Madison 2020
Oak Park Dental

Throughout her career, Dr. Jana Gyurina has tirelessly honed her skills in neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry, backed by an exceptional, all-female practice. She says few things are more rewarding than watching a patient transform from shy and uncertain to confident and pain-free.

“Whether it’s veneers, gum re-contouring, whitening, straightening, or relieving patients’ pain, the right dentistry can change their whole perspective on life,” Gyurina says.

Oak Park Dental utilizes all of the latest technology, including 3-D guided implant placement to replace missing teeth, advanced full mouth cosmetic restorations, TMJ treatment, and sleep apnea treatment without the use of a CPAP. Still, Gyurina and her team understand the importance of building trust and good with patients and believe that is their most important asset.

“I’m so passionate about what I do. It’s so rewarding to me because I’m able to help change people’s lives,” says Gyurina. “Whether that’s finding and correcting the source of their pain or boosting their quality of life through cosmetic dentistry.

7617 Mineral Point Rd., Madison, 608.833.4466,

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