The Crime Of Hunger

The Crime Of Hunger



Last month, thousands of people gathered for the biennial Terra Madre Slow Food conference in Turin, Italy, and heard one of the most profound statements yet made by this important organization. And that is the right to food is an essential human right. Father Alex Zanotelli, one of the speakers at the conference went further. He said the 40,000 mostly women and children who die from hunger in the world every day is “the greatest tragedy and shame of the world.”

A half dozen countries have introduced the right to food into their constitutions and that number is growing. It is a recognition that, as Fr. Zanotelli said, “Poverty is created, hunger is wanted.” In other words, we have the means to end hunger, but we choose not to. And that is immoral and should be illegal. As we enter the heart of the holiday season, let’s determine to give each other the gift of ending hunger by making access to good, clean and fair food a basic human right.