The Cozy Home offers cove of consignments

Shop owner Leah Hernandez has a good eye for...
The Cozy Home offers cove of consignments

In this era of upcycling, thrifting, consigning and DIY-ing, pulling together your home’s interior to exactly how you want it while avoiding a cookie-cutter look is easier than ever. And that’s where The Cozy Home shines. I received a heads-up about the shop a while back after interviewing an interior designer with impeccable taste, so I knew this place had to be special.

Leah Hernandez’s store opened in October 2013 and carries consignment furnishings and home decor. They’re selective in what they sell: “We base it on what we like, what’s sold before and we prefer things that aren’t common,” says Hernandez. Look for vintage barware, one-of-a-kind retro chairs, unique wall hangings and more. New items arrive at the store twice a week, and vignettes are changed daily so even frequent shoppers will find new things.

Although Hernandez’s background is vastly different from the consignment world (she previously worked at the Jefferson County Courthouse), she says her interest was spurred by her mother, who’s an experienced house flipper and home stager. So The Cozy Home offers home staging services, too–by her mother.

Although she admits she’s not a house-decorating junkie herself, Hernandez is in this business for the customers: “I like the personal side of this,” she says. “I really make an effort to get to know people and know their story.”

The Cozy Home
4100 Monona Drive, 630-8890