The Commander in Chief in Capital City

The Commander in Chief in Capital City

There are so many things that make this city great, so when guests come to town, we love to show it off.  As President Obama makes his way to Madison today, we hope he finds the best of our city. And if he needs suggestions? We’re here to help.

Campaigning is important, and serving as President of the United States is a serious job, but when the working day is done, there’s no better place to play than Madison. Here’s a suggested schedule for President Obama’s downtime:

A bike ride along Lakeshore Path is an appropriate first look at our community. It’s an opportunity to showcase our fabulous system of trails and get a close view of the water that serves as host for so many of our beloved outdoor activities. And while it’s not the White House Yacht, we’re confident President Obama would enjoy a sailing lesson with the UW Hoofers, too.

He should certainly visit some stores on State Street, including Jazzman, among our Best of Madison voters. Don’t get us wrong, our POTUS has style, but who can resist a wardrobe update? A fun tie or trendy watch would be a simple touch that would really pop during his next televised debate. 

Next on the list is a quick tour of . The new charter facility highlights our city’s commitment to sustainability, innovative education and community development. And maybe President Obama could weigh in on the achievement gap while he’s talking with MMSD leaders.

A trip to Madison isn’t complete without visiting one of our most-loved (and Best of Madison winning) restaurants. Cue Tim and Elizabeth Dahl of Nostrano. Their menu offers delicious food made with local produce—a combo that our residents love, and the Commander in Chief — who’s staff uses produce from the White House Kitchen Garden — assuredly will too.

After dinner, the Forward Theatre Company would certainly entertain President Obama with their current production, 44 Plays for 44 Presidents. The show features a combination of comedy, drama, dance and music, and highlights each American president, including Obama. The show takes place at the Overture Center for the Arts and runs through Sunday.

A stop at the Great Dane for an Old Glory American Pale Ale would be the perfect way for the President to end the day. He might even want to exchange brewing tips with the staff. The White House recently released information on the President’s homemade beers, one of which is a Honey Brown Ale. Apparently, the brew is crafted with honey tapped from a beehive on the South Lawn.

Of course, these are only a few of the wonderful things Madison has to offer. We want to know: If you had the chance to take President Obama out on the town, where would you go? Tell us below or tweet your answer to @madison_mag with #ObamaMadMag. We’ll compile the responses we get throughout the day and post our favorites tomorrow.