The Bruce Company to redevelop its Garden Center

MIDDLETON, Wis. — The Bruce Company in Middleton is planning to redevelop its Garden Center facilities.

The 69-year-old company submitted conceptual documents Tuesday to the Middleton Plan Commission. Officials plan on re-zoning its 16-acre parcel in the 2800 block of Parmenter Street.

Company officials said they had been waiting for the right opportunity to redevelop its facilities. Leaders at the City of Middleton agree.

“Well it’s the heart of our community and we’ve actually planned for this for a number of years,” said Middleton City Administrator Mike Davis. “We put a new taxing finance district in for that area between Parmenter and Highway 12 about 12 years ago.”

The new plans also make space for several multi-family apartment buildings.

The area will have park-like landscaping and better access to Pheasant Branch Creek. The Garden Center will remain open during the construction.