Thank you! WISC takes home 4 Midwest/Chicago EMMYs

Thank you! WISC takes home 4 Midwest/Chicago EMMYs

We are such a team at News 3 and we were fortunate to take home EMMYs for evening newscast, interactivity and two craft awards – writing and editing. These were team efforts led by our 6 p.m. producer Krystal Webb and veteran journalist Dave Delozier. I really admire our news staff and love how we can all come together when news really matters.

If you were watching the live show on TV, you didn’t see me… my category was on the livestream only and hit around 5:47:14 on this YouTube link.

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to be invited to the party. We are so thankful we get to do the work we do.

I find myself in a pickle at these things because it feels so good to be recognized by your peers and win for your station, but we often win for the way we covered an awful event (not always… there are feature categories and such.) However, entire newscasts that win tend to be very hard newsy and often cover life changing situations. When you’re in the moment of the awards night, you just want to cheer for your station and your colleagues who put so much heart into the coverage… but when you think about the real story, no one wins. Krystal mentioned that in her acceptance speech.

?We are so thankful to our viewers. It means so much that people trust us with their stories and allow us into their homes. I always tell people that I live and breathe in this community and care about it as much as the next person. It is a privilege to work at the legacy station in Madison and try to make a difference. So thank you for all of your support! And thanks for the nice notes.