Thank you nurses, teachers; You are appreciated

Thank you nurses, teachers; You are appreciated

We’re not sure how Nurses Week and Teacher Appreciation Week ended up the same week, but when you think about it something just feels right doesn’t it?

If there are two jobs, two careers and two kinds of people that have complementary motivation, wouldn’t it be teachers and nurses?

Anyway, we have no problem thanking both this week for all they contribute to our lives. And while we have fallen prey to the emotional tug of politicizing everything in our misguided politicization of heath care and public education, nearly every one of us would acknowledge our respect and appreciation for nurses and teachers.

In fact their commitment to their work and their selfless efforts to make life better for their patients and their students – so pretty much all of us – in the face of often pretty ugly criticism is such a stark contrast to how some of our more celebrated public servants perform their duties.

So thank you nurses and teachers. Please know you are appreciated.