Test your Madison knowledge with ‘The Great 608 Quiz’

Madison Magazine's January cover story is an interactive quiz issue that you'll want to pick up to test your knowledge.
cover of the magazine along with the open front of the issue
Illustrations by James Heimer/Layout by Tim Burton
Cover of the January 2022 issue and the opening spread of the cover story, "The Great 608 Quiz"

Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery through the city you call home with the January 2022 issue of Madison Magazine.

While we could have given you a list of 101 things to know about Madison, we’re challenging you to flex your local IQ instead. In this issue, we invite you to grab a writing utensil and make your way through this interactive article.

Each quiz covers different facets of the city (sports, arts, history, food, people and more) with questions ranging from “easy enough that someone who has visited once can answer” to “so challenging that we may stump even the most knowledgeable local.” Put pen to paper and answer the big question: How well do you know Madison?

Pick up the issue on newsstands the first week of January or order a single copy of the issue here.

In addition to The Great 608 Quiz, some additional articles include:

  • Torn Apart: Local efforts to help Afghan refugees are marked by both tears and triumph.
  • A look into Regenerative Real Estate: A longtime organic farmer is applying the regenerative agriculture concept to Dane County’s real estate market.
  • Bowls Aplenty: Local options for fresh and flavorful poke have only grown in the Madison area.
  • Challenge Accepted: New head coach Marisa Moseley hopes to help the University of Wisconsin–Madison women’s basketball program finally fulfill its potential.
  • A Modern-Day Cobbler: Twenty-one-year-old Ian Matthews has restored hundreds of shoes, from Jordans to Yeezys to Chuck Taylors.
  • Crunch Time: Upgrade breakfast with one of these local mixes.
  • Rowing Nowhere: How our January guest essayist, Hank Stephenson, failed to buy a home gym.

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Editor’s Note: On page 59 in the January issue, questions four and five in the answer key should be flipped. No. 4 should be C and No. 5 should be D.