Ten Cocktails for 2010

Ten Cocktails for 2010

weet ‘tinis are out and complex cocktails are in. Exotic flavors like absinthe, elderflower and maraschino shake things up. Looking into my crystal highball, I see a lot more drinks made with mezcal, tequila’s smoky cousin. Exotic dark rums from Antigua, Tortola and Martinique will make new friends. Flavored bitters like lemon, peach and even chocolate become even more popular. And salt isn’t just for margarita glasses anymore, but increasingly added as a subtle swig spike. Best of all, what’s hot in cold refreshment is already here and just around the corner. Whether a new twist on an old standby or a totally original concoction, most bars have a signature drink or two well worth discovering.


Dan Curd is a contributing writer for Madison Magazine.

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