Tellurian treatment center seeking medical supplies, donations to help those in recovery

Right now is an especially challenging time for those using substances or in recovery

MADISON, Wis. — COVID-19 impacts all of us. But the stress is amplified for those who are dealing with substance use issues.

A woman who just wants to go by Amy for this story lives in a sober living home at Tellurian. She knows how people who are struggling with substance use issues might be feeling during this time.

“What are people supposed to do? Especially with the virus going on, that adds so much stress and isolation for people that it just makes matters worse,” Amy said.

As a former alcoholic now in recovery, Amy says she imagines those who are using substances are having a particularly rough time right now.

“I lost my whole family, lost my job, had to file bankruptcy, the whole nine yards. So if there are people out there using, I imagine they’re just going full throttle,” she said.

Amy noted that liquor stores are still open and with no other option than staying at home right now, “it’s an alcoholic’s dream.”

With the help of the staff at Tellurian, Amy has been clean for a couple years now. But with the restrictions in place from coronavirus, even things for her aren’t the same.

Tellurian’s CEO Kevin Florek knows this to be true for everyone who has and is currently going through substance use issues.

“Absolutely. It’s a major trigger for a lot of folks,” Florek said.

Amy said the isolation, loss of job and uncertainty of the future could be difficult to cope with for any current user of drugs or alcohol and even those who are in recovery.

Amy said even since in-person counseling and therapy have switched to online, it’s made things more difficult.

“It’s not the same but it’s better than nothing,” she said.

Amy says Tellurian saved her life and even with the restrictions, continues to do so. But now the organization needs your help so they can continue saving others.

“We need medical supplies just like any other healthcare facility. We are making a plea for financial support because so many people have mental health and addiction issues and then with people losing their jobs now on top of that, they don’t have the funds to be able to pay for the help they need,” Florek said. “Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated.”

“I get that the Coronavirus is life and death but addiction is life and death as well,” Amy said.

If you would like to donate medical supplies or money to Tellurian, you can call 608-222-7311 or visit their website where you can donate.

If you or someone you know needs help, you can also call the number listed above.