Tell us: What’s the most important budget proposal to you?

We now have both Gov. Scott Walker’s and President Donald Trump’s budget proposals to consider, and to say their initial reception by legislators and citizens alike has been rocky is an understatement.

That is not atypical, although it’s hard to remember an American president alienating his own party as much as President Trump and the Republicans.

But what we want to know is what matters to you. In fact we’d like you to tell us: if you could ensure that one piece of legislation, one bill, one policy could be passed in this budget, what would it be?

Let’s start with the president’s proposed budget first. Next week we’ll ask for your priority for the state budget.

The president is proposing to tear down scores of domestic programs to increase spending for defense and security.

What’s important to you? Visit my Facebook page and I’ll get back to you with results.