Teens caught on tape tossing out stolen wallet, police say

Boys also accused of taking woman's purse outside mall
Teens caught on tape tossing out stolen wallet, police say

A pair of teens were reportedly caught on tape disposing of a wallet stolen from a parked car on Madison’s west side Saturday night, police said.

Madison police said officers responded to a report of a vehicle break-in at the parking lot of a restaurant on the 6000 block of Odana Road at about 7 p.m. A wallet was stolen from the vehicle in the Ginza of Tokyo lot. Police said the incident was caught on tape as two suspects were seen putting the wallet into a nearby dumpster. The cash was taken from the wallet, police said. The suspects were not located at that time.

Police said a short while later, officers responded to a parking lot down the street at West Towne Mall where a woman reported that her purse was stolen by two boys outside Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Responding officers found one of the suspects in the area, the report said. While detaining one boy, the second boy attempted to walk by officers undetected, but police detained him as well.

The suspects, a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old, reportedly admitted to officers to taking the wallet and purse, police said. The stolen property was found by officers at the scene, including help from a K-9 that tracked the path of the suspects’ alleged travel.

The teens were charged with theft from a person and theft from an auto and taken to the Juvenile Reception Center, police said.