Teen with history of burglaries charged with attempted homicide after firing gun in January incident

MADISON, Wis. — Details from a newly filed criminal complaint allege a teenager who Madison police say has a history of burglarizing Madison-area homes tried to shoot a man during an attempted car theft earlier this year.

The complaint, filed Tuesday, alleges that 16-year-old Quamaine Kelly broke into a man’s home in the 7500 block of Crawling Stone Road on Jan. 15 in an attempt to steal the man’s car, which was parked in the attached garage. During a subsequent struggle, Kelly reportedly fired a gun twice in an attempt to shoot the victim before he ran from the scene.

Kelly is charged with one count of attempted first-degree intentional homicide, possessing a firearm as an adjudicated delinquent, and burglary while armed with a dangerous weapon, according to online court records. All three charges are felonies.

Editor’s note: Despite his age, News 3 Now has decided to name Kelly because of the severity of the charges filed against him and because he has been charged in adult court rather than as a juvenile.

Shots fired on Crawling Stone Road

According to the complaint, the victim called the police at roughly 5:22 a.m. to report that someone — later identified as Kelly — had just entered his house and fired a gun. An officer with the Madison Police Department, identified in the complaint as Officer Weidemann, responded to the scene; upon entering the victim’s house, Officer Weidemann immediately saw a bullet hole in the drywall above a closet door. When he opened the closet, the officer saw two holes in the closet.

The victim reportedly went on to tell police he was walking from his kitchen to his living room toward the door that connects to his garage when he saw an arm reach through the door grasping for car keys. The victim said he then opened the door and reached for Kelly’s throat, pushing him back into the garage and onto the car, bending Kelly backward over the vehicle in the process.

During the struggle, which the victim said lasted 3 to 5 seconds, Kelly reportedly fired a gun prompting the victim to dive out of the way and take cover. Kelly ran from the garage through the open garage door at the same time.

While canvassing the scene, police said they found a spent Winchester .380 casing underneath the vehicle’s right front bumper.

The victim later told police he believed Kelly was aiming for him when he fired the gun. According to his recounting detailed in the complaint, the gunshot fired by Kelly went just over the victim’s back on the left side of his body.

He added that while he didn’t see the gun, his stance when Kelly fired the round — paired with where the bullet hit his house — led him to believe the gun was within six to 12 inches of his back when Kelly pulled the trigger. The victim also told police Kelly was “bringing it around with the intention of hitting” him.

Video footage of the area from the day of the incident, later reviewed by Weidemann, showed Kelly wearing a black sweatshirt, acid-washed jeans and black shoes as he ran from the garage after firing the gun.

Identifying Quamaine Kelly

According to the complaint, an MPD officer identified in the complaint as Officer Cleary noticed in photographs from an unrelated burglary on Phoenix Drive that the suspect — who he had identified as Kelly from previous interactions — was wearing shoes identical to the ones the suspect in the Crawling Stone Road incident wore. Upon reviewing the footage further, Cleary determined the clothing Kelly wore in the Phoenix Drive incident was also an exact match to the clothing the suspect wore in the Crawling Stone Road incident.

Officer Cleary reported that through his work as West District Neighborhood Resource Officer, he knew Kelly to have been involved in dozens of incidents, including stolen automobiles and burglaries, among others.

Cleary later reviewed a video posted on Jan. 14 to a Snapchat account that belonged to an individual with the initials DT; the video appeared to show Kelly holding a handgun equipped with an extended magazine, according to the complaint. Kelly was reportedly wearing the same clothing in the video as he was in the Crawling Stone Road and Phoenix Drive incidents.

GPS data connected to DT — who police had confirmed was with Kelly the day of the Crawling Stone Road incident — reportedly showed they were on Crawling Stone Road when the attempted burglary and shots fired incident occurred.

Appearance in court

During Kelly’s initial appearance in Dane County Court on Tuesday, a court commissioner ordered Kelly be held on a $300,000 bond; Kelly was also ordered not to have any contact with the victim, avoid Crawling Stone Road, not be in possession of any dangerous weapons, and not be in Dane County unless on official court business.

Kelly’s next court appearance is a preliminary hearing scheduled for June 28.