Teen credited with using CPR to save his father

Father expected to recover from heart attack
Teen credited with using CPR to save his father

A Madison teen is being credited with saving the life of his father, who suffered a heart attack Oct. 12.

Madison police said a 16-year-old Lafollette High School sophomore was in his bedroom when he heard a loud bang coming from the kitchen.  He saw his 45-year-old father on the ground and not breathing.

Police said the teen dialed 911 and a dispatcher told him to perform CPR and apply chest compressions to his father.

A police officer arrived, took over and said the son’s action prolonged his father’s life until help arrived.  The officer has nominated the teen for the MPD Citizen Recognition Award.

The family said the father underwent medical procedures and is expected to make a full recovery.  He’s schedule to be released from the hospital next week.