Teen Arrested For Allegedly Threatening North Side Students

Madison police arrested and released a teenager for disorderly conduct after he allegedly threatened to shoot Lindbergh Elementary School students with a gun on the city’s north side.

The incident began when Lindbergh students asked Michael Hongmanivanh, 18, and his 15-year-old female friend if there was a baby in the stroller they were pushing across Lindbergh?s playground on Thursday afternoon. Several children told police Hongmanivanh responded he was “gonna get a gun and shoot you guys,” according to a police report.

When students reported the encounter to school staff, Lindbergh Elementary went on lockdown for an hour until police tracked down Hongmanivanh.

The stroller turned out to be empty. Hongmanivanh told police that he was joking about getting a gun and was in fact referring to a Nerf gun.

Children?s reports about the incident were consistent, police said.