‘Tear the deck apart, we want our dog alive:’ Firefighters help rescue dog in dangerous cold

Fire truck flashing lights

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison Fire Department says firefighters helped rescue a pet that found itself trapped under a deck earlier this week.

Firefighters from Ladder 7 responded to a home on the 2600 block of McKenna Boulevard on Tuesday morning after the owners of a small dog said they’d been trying to get the dog out for more than an hour while temperatures outside were hovering around 0 degrees.

The fire department says firefighters were able to find a very small hole in the deck where the dog likely got through. They weren’t able to get through the hole and determined they needed to cut a bigger hole.

“Tear the deck apart, we want our dog alive,” the owners told the firefighters.

Crews cut a hole in the deck where they last heard the dog bark, and were able to eventually find the dog, whose leash was caught on some of the deck’s nails.

Firefighters were able to disconnect the leash and lift the dog up from under the deck before returning her to her owners unharmed.