Team of the month: Stoughton Vikings

Team of the month: Stoughton Vikings

The Stoughton football program has made the wiaa playoffs once — back in 1998.

But after a 3 and 1 start, the 2012 team is hoping to break through and they’re doing it as a bunch of Vikings — in Packer country. 

“We finished last year winning 3 out of the last 4 games and every since we were in sixth grade, our group has been really good at football and the senior grade we just relly wanted to set a mark for Stoughton football and get it going back on the winning track,” said senior quarterback Tony Volk. 

With 22 seniors leading the way, the Stoughton Vikings on the verge of making the playoffs for just the second time in school history and first since 1998.

“They are very resilliant and just hang in there and they don’t get down and they get along very well and it would mean a tremendous amoiunt to thse kids and the kids in our buiilding and community,” said head coach Sean Stokes. 

The program is headed in the right direction, but on a team full of Green Bay Packer fans, they do find it ironic they wear purple and have jerseys that look like the Minneota Vikings.

“When we go out to eat people are like oh are you a Minnesota vikigns fan we are not we are Stoughton,” said running back Ben Gerber. 

“My wife is from Minneapolis so we have the packer-viking fight frequenty like who has to cook dinner and clean the dishes, we dont have any of that yellow in our viking, we are stricky stoughton vikings fans badger fans and packer fans down there in Stoughton,” said Stokes.


So, there is one city in Wisconsin where it is okay to be from Vikings country.