Teachers learn how to save lives in mass casualty situations

Teachers learn how to save lives in mass casualty situations

Teachers at Lodi Elementary School were trained Wednesday in how to save lives in the event of a mass casualty situation.

While the training session, put on by Sauk Prairie Hospital, was not organized in response to any particular mass shooting, like the recent Las Vegas attack, hospital emergency director Lisa Pickarts said it could help save students’ lives in the worst-case scenario.

“It’s hours before the emergency responders can come on to the scene (of mass shootings),” Pickarts said. “People can bleed to death in two to five minutes.”

Pickarts said blood loss, in fact, is a common cause of death when mass shootings happen, but stopping it, using direct pressure techniques, is relatively easy.

“This isn’t technical. It’s not difficult,” she said “It’s very basic, good old-fashioned Boy Scout first aid. Pressure on the wound can save a lot of lives.”

Lodi District Administrator Charles Pursell said he hopes teachers don’t have to apply their skills to as mass shooting scenario, but the district want to provide them the tools they need to save lives if the worst does happen.

“It’s just another tool for them to use and be more confident,” he said.

Pursell said what teachers learned Wednesday can be applied to more minor situations requiring first aid.

“It’s not always just mass casualties like an active shooter situation, but sometimes just playground accidents and things like that where kids are injured and being able to perform common sense applications of Red Cross procedures is beneficial for our staff as well.”

Pickarts said the district also received a grant from the South Central Health Care Coalition to provide gauze, tourniquets and other important first aid materials in each Lodi classroom.