Tea Party Recall Website Up And Running

A website co-created by a local tea party group known as We the People of the Republic is up and running.

The site, iverifytherecall.com, is essentially a database where people can search the many signatures turned in for the recall efforts against Gov. Walker and four state GOP senators.

Iverifytherecall.com originally debuted Wednesday, but heavy traffic ground the site to a virtual halt.

Now, the group says it has raised more than $10,000 to improve the site’s speed.

“We’ve been receiving donations ranging from $5 to $500 in one situation,” said Ross Brown, president of We the People of the Republic. “So, it’s just been the people of Wisconsin are interested in seeing iverifytherecall.com run faster who have been making those donations.”

Brown said anyone who sees their name or address used fraudulently can contact them to begin a legal challenge.

He adds that the site has had well over a million hits since going live.