TDS looks to buy, expand Sun Prairie’s broadband network

A photo of a laptop computer

Sun Prairie’s broadband network could soon be bigger and faster as TDS Telecommunications looks into buying the utility and expanding its fiber broadband network.

The buyout could result in accelerated fiber broadband coverage and faster internet service for the entire city.

Sun Prairie Mayor Paul Esser said the city has connected 600 to 700 homes with its broadband network, but there are still 12,000 homes that need to be connected.

Officials said TDS has the ability to roll out its services through all of Sun Prairie, much more quickly than the city utility could do so.

“TDS has the ability to roll it out — 24 to 30 months to do the entire city,” Esser said. “We’re talking about doing it over four to 10 years and it requires a capital investment of $25 to $35 million. That’s quite an undertaking for the city to do.”

A TDS spokesman said the plan would also include a gigabyte of service, phone services and TDS TV.

TDS will invest in the network over the next 12 to 24 months to deliver the new and advanced services.