Tavernakaya spices up traditional favorites

This Japanese gastropub fuses tavern traditions
Tavernakaya spices up traditional favorites
Fusion of Flavors: This Japanese gastropub is probably the only place in town where the burger shines just as brightly as the sushi and sashimi offerings, let alone appears on the same menu.

27 E. Main St.

An izakaya is the Japanese equivalent of a tavern and just as beloved. Tavernakaya fuses the best of both traditions. Stylishly simplified, it is warm and welcoming.

Anything foreign here has become familiar–pork dumplings, sushi, ramen and fried rice. Preparation, on the other hand, is brilliant. Even the ubiquitous burger gets a makeover with house-ground beef, local La Clare Farm raw goat cheddar cheese, spicy mayo, Japanese BBQ sauce, mizuna spring mix blend on a brioche bun–and comes with some of the best fries found anywhere. Likewise, General Tso’s deep-fried cauliflower, in a sweet and spicy sauce, exceeds expectations. Tavernakaya invites guests to “Eat, drink and have a good time.” You betcha!