Taliesin Project to bring bandstand to Mazomanie almost finished

VILLAGE OF MAZOMANIE, Wis.– A bandstand, designed by students at the School of Architecture at Taliesin, is nears completion after nearly two years, providing Mazomanie with a permanent venue for the city’s performing arts program.

A volunteer closely tied to this project, Jeff Wirth, said Mazomanie has been anticipating a bandstand for years, in hopes that it could help revitalize their entire downtown.

The design was drawn by a student in a summer immersion program at the School of Architecture at Taliesin in 2018. Construction on the building began two weeks ago.

“The (student) hit it. He hit it right on the head,” Wirth said. “It was a beautiful vision.”

Students at the School of Architecture at Taliesin, founded by Frank Lloyd Wright, get a “hands-on experience,” and “learn by doing,” according to a faculty member, Floyd Hamblen.

Hamblen recalled a quote from Wright and said it could be applied to this project.

“(Wright) wanted the building to be a grace to the environment, rather than a disgrace to the environment, ” Hamblen said. “I think the same thing can go to the community, that a building can actually support a community and kind of bring people together.”

For Mazomanie, bringing people together is exactly what this bandstand was intended to do.”

“Arts in the marketplace plays a very important part in developing foot traffic,” Wirth said.

There are plans to bring music and theater performances and movie nights to the stage. Wirth said these events could attract a new crowd to Mazomanie.

“I think this will definitely put Mazomanie on the map,” Wirth said. “If we can provide these types of activities for young families, maybe they will consider moving out here.”

The bandstand could able be one of the School of Architecture at Taliesin’s final projects. The school was not able to reach an agreement to keep the school open with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Operations will cease after this semester, according to their website.