Taking time off, staying close to home is beneficial to work, life, expert says

Taking time off, staying close to home is beneficial to work, life, expert says

Ever wanted to go on a safari? Or how about to the Arctic? Is the rainforest on your bucket list? Well, if you don’t want to pay for those flights, going to locations closer to home will give you the same benefits as an extravagant trip.

“You don’t have to take these extravagant vacations to foreign places. A lot of the value that we get from taking time off just doing something that breaks us out of routine,” said Dayana Kupisk, a PhD candidate, studying human development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“This past year I went on a trip to Atlanta, and to be honest I wish I just would’ve stayed here. You don’t have to worry about flights and expenses and baggage,” said Will Cofield, who spent the day at Henry Vilas Zoo.

So when you take a break from the office you’ll get benefits like reduced stress, better sleep and feeling happier. Unfortunately though, more than half of U.S. workers who are offered paid vacation days won’t use them, according to a new report from Bankrate.com.

“If there’s someone on the job that’s going to do your work for you, we are worried we are going to become dispensable,” Kupisk said.

But Kupisk said taking all of your time off will actually make you a better employee and make you more focused.

“You go off and take some time away you come back energized,” Cofield said.

So remember whether you’re planning a trip to Florida or a local attraction, taking any and all vacation time will make you better in matters of work and play.

Kupisk said more employers are seeing the benefits to a good work life balance, so hopefully they will be supportive of you taking some time off.