Take advantage of Madison-area bike trails

CORP gets excited for new biking opportunities
Take advantage of Madison-area bike trails
Photo by Samuel Li

Over the next few years, the Capital Off Road Pathfinders (CORP) are excited by the prospects of expanding mountain bike trails at CamRock as well as a bike park in nearby Cambridge, building new singletrack in Cross Plains and possibly linking Brigham County Park to Blue Mound State Park. In the mean time, trails at Tyrol Basin near Mount Horeb were expected to open for the first time this summer.

CORP has built and maintains the following trail systems in and around Madison–some of which are even groomed in the winter for fat bike riding. Riding wet and muddy trails leads to rutting and erosion, so don’t do it.

To find out if specific trails are dry enough to ride, go to madcitydirt.com.

Badger Prairie, Verona
Blackhawk Ski Club, Middleton
Blue Mound State Park, Blue Mounds
CamRock County Park,
Northeast Park, Madison
Pleasant View Golf Course, Middleton
Quarry Park, Madison
Quarry Ridge, Fitchburg
Seminole Trails, Madison

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