Heenan's friends want Chief Wray out

Former roommates react to the call to end Officer Heimsness's service with MPD

Paul Heenan's former roommates say removing Stephen Heimsness from the Madison police officer isn't enough. They want his boss gone too.

Heimsness to remain on leave

Three internal investigations under way

Madison police Officer Stephen Heimsness is the subject of three internal investigations of conduct that occurred before his involvement in the shooting of Paul Heenan, according to the police department.

Heimsness received overtime while on leave

Madison Police Chief Wray scheduled to speak at 3 p.m.

Madison Police Officer Stephen Heimsness was paid $1010.24 in overtime while on leave during an investigation of the shooting of Paul Heenan.

Police release recordings in shooting case

WISC-TV has obtained an audio recording of a phone call between a Dane County 911 dispatcher and a resident reporting a home burglary. The call resulted in the death of Paul Heenan.

Neighbor disputes account of shooting

The owner of a home mistakenly entered by an intoxicated neighbor who was shot and killed by a Madison police officer arriving on the scene said he tried repeatedly to inform the officer that the intruder was someone known to him.